AMM Fantasy Art Collecting
  • Test Your Taste
  • Compare Your Knowledge
  • Outsmart the Market
  • Win prizes
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Curate, Watch & Win

Our real-time fantasy art collecting game allows you compete alongside collectors to see who can realize the best prices for the most sought after collection.

  1. Choose Your Fantasy Collection
  2. Follow Along with the Auctions
  3. Win Prizes

Learn About Artists and the Art Market

  • Become an Expert by Following the Market
  • Each AMM Fantasy Collecting game links directly to auction catalogues
  • Provides social tools to share knowledge
  • Games bring the art market right to your phone or computer
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Get Caught Up in the Action

"Fantasy art auction was every bit as fun as playing fantasy sports. I was able to watch the live video feed of the Sotheby's sale and found myself riveted as I rooted hard for my lots."

Jason Bailey

How to Play

  • Register and choose a username. (Remember: the username will be publicly visible on the scoreboard.)

  • You have a budget to "buy" your collection. You are buying the works at the low estimate.

  • Select as many works as fit into your budget, in any combination that you like. Just don't exceed the budget. You can concentrate your budget on some very avaluable works or spread it among a number of cheaper works.

  • You may change your selections up until an hour before the first auction (May 14 6pm EDT or 14 May 2200 UTC.)

  • As the auctions take place, we'll calculate what your collection is "worth" based upon the hammer prices. The collection that is "worth" the most at the end wins. (Works that sell to an irrevocable bid are scored with the hammer price. Guaranteed works that are bought in or sold to a 3rd party guarantor without bidding in the auction are scored as works that do not sell. Withdrawn lots will also be scored as works that do not sell.)

  • The top five collections will win $1000 for 1st; $800 for 2nd; $600 for 3rd; $400 for 4th; $200 for 5th. (In case of a tie, prizes will be pooled for the tied positions, i.e. a tie for 3rd will split $600 + $400 or $500 each.)

  • Invite your friends to participate.

Have fun and good luck.