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What Do I Do If I Have a Technical Problem?

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What is AMM Fantasy Art Collecting?

It’s a game designed to help you test your knowledge of the art market, enhance your interest in the auctions and increase your familiarity with the markets for individual artists. Our players find that having their own choices on the line makes watching the auctions more compelling and absorbing.

How Does It Work?

The game is simple. Our goal is to simplify the art market for you.

Several times a year, there are auctions held in New York London, Paris or Hong Kong where several auction houses sell similar works of art in a short period of time, usually a week or over several days.

We create a game around these themed auctions so you can test your market knowledge.

First, we pre-select a number of lots to reflect different choices available in the art market. We try to balance lots by their estimate level; by which artists have well-established markets and which ones have developing markets; and by different bodies of work within an artist’s oeuvre.

Second, we create a budget for the auction. The budget is set to create meaningful choices within the game.

Third, players select the works they think have the greatest opportunity to sell well. Each work available to select within the game is linked to the online catalogue information for the lot so can you can read up on the works conveniently. Using this information and your own market knowledge, the player assembles what her or she believes will be the most valuable collection based upon the auction results.

Selected works reduce the player’s budget by the amount of the low estimate. You may select works up to, but not exceeding, your budget. It is not always possible to use the entire budget.

To see the game, all you have to do is register with your email address and create a password.

Finally, Players may not save their collections without paying the game entry fee. Once you have paid the entry fee, you may change your selection as much as you like up to one hour before the first auction begins. You will receive an email reminder before the game closes and your collection locks.

All game values are calculated off the hammer price called out by the auctioneer, not the price with buyer’s premium. (Since the Buyer’s Premium is calculated on a graduated scale, we don’t want the premium differential to effect results.)

Works with Irrevocable Bids or third party guarantees are scored with the value called out by the auctioneer. Works that are bought in or passed by the auctioneer are scored as zero.

Once the auctions have begun, you can return to the game to see how your collection is performing and see the leaderboard of players.

After the auctions, we will email the prize winners. The scoreboard will remain available for a few days to a week after the end of the last sale.

Why Can’t I Choose from All of the Lots on Offer?

Most of the auction cycles have hundreds and, even, thousands of lots. That level of choice would be overwhelming to players. More to the point, by choosing certain lots, we’re bringing the skill involved in choosing a collection into sharper focus. That’s what makes it a game. As we develop games, we may offer versions that have a greater variety of choice involved. For now, we are offering these highly structured games.

Will You Only Run Games with Contemporary Art?

No. Right now we are mostly using Contemporary art lots because that’s where there is a great deal of interest. Many more people follow the Contemporary art market.

As time goes on and we run more games, we will try to expand into more categories. Sign up for our AMM Fantasy Art Collecting mailing list so we can keep you up-to-date on the latest games. That will also allow you to participate in the regular game surveys we send out.